Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #17

Goal Update
Last week was a light week (every 4th week) for running and biking, but my mental workout was overloaded. Took that wonderful Professional Engineering Exam last Friday and survived to talk about it. Now its time to wait for the results. In the meantime, I found trail running is fun, but can be dangerous (I fell, scraped up my hand a little bit; all is good.) What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Also, tacos make you stronger. Trust me.

Weekly update
Miles Swam: 0 [2.89]
Miles Run: 20.49 [382.69] ← need 17.3 more before Monday to hit 400 in 4 months!
Tacos Ate: 15 [334]
Miles Biked: 26.17 [635.5] ← when you nearly run as much as you bike… #judgement

Things I worked on

Took that test and then got my brain functioning again. 8 hours of intense engineering problems is exhausting. I think I got some stuff done; I’ll let you be the judge.

Waste board bolted down
Painted Rubix Cube Coasters 
Carving a new project
More to come this weekend; have several things on the list because I will be out of town for the next 3 weekends! Look forward to a blog post, some Instagram pictures and potentially a product on Etsy!
Favorite Podcast of the Week
I recommend that you have a pen and notepad near by during this one. Lots of great information - “you are what you eat!”
Diet-induced inflammation is responsible for the majority of all health-related diseases in the United States. Eating unhealthy foods does more than just make you fat and clog your arteries with plaque, it also negatively affects every major organ in the body, including the brain. Dave welcomes Dr. Bill Sears onto Bulletproof Radio to talk about what types of foods cause the most inflammation, and the simple diet and exercise tips and tricks that can be taken to undo the damage and prolong life.

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

"Every time someone tells me their dream just doesn’t fit the reality they live in, I get all fired up. Of course it doesn’t. That’s why it’s a dream that you have to MAKE a reality. Giving up on your dream just because no one has ever done it before is what everyone else does." - Lewis Howes

“It seems innocent enough — but 15 minutes per day for 365 days = 1 week OF YOUR LIFE.”  - Noah Kagen

Random of the Week

If you haven’t noticed, I may be considered a cronic self-learner. I get interested in something, then go figure out how it works/how to do it/what it means/how to improve it/etc. That's probably why I became an engineer. Over the last 1.5 years, as I have been spending the 48 minute commute back and forth to work each day listening to podcasts instead of the radio or music, I have realized how little I actually know.

Seriously, it is amazing. Today, there are experts in absolutely everything; seriously, there is an expert in how to become an expert at something. Yes, that is ridiculous, but I think it makes a strong point. The one resource we are actually limited on is time. So instead of trying to teach yourself everything, why not utilize an expert in some area you want to improve in and become an expert? For example, let's say you want to lose weight. Well, you could read a billion hours of literature and then dissect it to find your perfect diet. Or you could hire someone who has already done that and trust there expert advice to lead you in the right direction. Congratulations, you now have a billion hours that you can spend doing something you enjoy.

End rant. Where did this randomness come from you may ask? Well, this is the random section of the blog, but honestly, I am realizing I want to be an expert engineer (hence the PE exam), an expert maker (I spend a lot of time and money to make something that I could buy off the shelf for pennies on the dollar), an expert runner (Boston Marathon), an expert triathlete (still working on this one, but $3k on a bike for fun… right) among other things. I am finding my time is always stretched thin. Simple proof - I know I should be getting 8+ hours of sleep with the training I do, yet I struggle to get 7 a night.

So, I think it’s time to listen to the experts and high performers and take advantage of an expert. I have been listening to the strength running podcast and honestly trust Matt. The training plans from a guy who took 100 minutes off a marathon time to qualify for boston, a collection of various training plans, strength programs, nutrition plans, live web Q&A coaching sessions and 500+ members trying to do the accomplish the same thing as me, qualify for boston? Yea, I just paid the $157 to become a lifetime member of the “Run your BQ” team.

What area(s) in your life can you outsource and get help in? What do you want to be an expert in, and what do you really want to be THE EXPERT in?

Time to write post: 24 minutes

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