Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #25

Goal Update
KInd of exhausted from changing over to the west coast time zone and moving, but still logging some limited miles… But running along the beach is like a dream! More to come soon as I ramp up for marathon training!

Weekly update
Miles Run: 11.28 [478.3]
Tacos Ate: 28 [483]
Miles Biked: 9.5 [982.7]

Things I worked on

Becoming a rocket engineer. But seriously, I haven’t done much since the move other than some much needed R&R. Here are some projects I wrapped up before dismantling my CNC and moving it to my parents house.
Sign for a customer

Parts for my new desk

Favorite Podcasts of the Week

But that’s not Erik Weihenmayer‘s most amazing achievement.
By a long shot.”

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

"PUSH - Persistence until success happens” - many

Random of the Week

It’s been like a dream for the past week and a half. Quit my job, finished up my renovations on my house, jumped onto a plane and got off the plane to “73, sunny with a slight ocean breeze” and no plans to return to sender. My new home; well it feels more like a vacation destination or paradise. If the location wasn’t enough, I can now call myself part of the coolest, smartest group of people to perhaps ever exist with the main goal of bringing mankind to mars. Seriously, the last 5 days have been epic! And I don’t see it slowing down. More information to come soon. Until then, shoot for the moon, because I damn well missed and now I am building rockets to take mankind to mars! (and beyond).

Time to write post: 17 minutes

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