Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #16

Goal Update
Allergies aren’t too bad; but that’s no excuse for the lack of miles (over 1000 Zach powered miles for the year). After Marathon Monday (Boston Marathon #121 was run on 4/17), I have the fever again. Sweeping declaration, BQ 2018 for me! Swimming is lacking, brain is getting a hell of a workout, and I am using running and biking to refresh myself. This week is a much needed week of R&R, but I will probably hit it hard Friday night/Saturday after taking the PE exam for 8 hours on Friday to keep my sanity. In other more exciting news, I hit 300 tacos this week!

Weekly update
Miles Swam: 0 [2.89]
Miles Run: 21.41 [362.2]
Tacos Ate: 21 [319]
Miles Biked: 68.59 [790.24]

Things I worked on

Mechanical engineering problems. More engineering problems. Preparing exam references, purchasing a backup calculator (nerd alert!) and some exam snacks.
Professional Engineering Box of Knowledge
When I wasn’t preparing for the exam or outside on my bike or feet, I did manage to finish screwing down the T-track and cutting the MDF skins. Next step is to fasten the MDF skins down and build my stand-up desk version 2 (over the weekend). Looking forward to running the Z-carve with my newfound free time that I will somehow obtain by removing studying, increasing mileage, recovery and reading the stack of books I want to… Some may say  I need to re-evaluate.
T-Track with 0.75in MDF Skins
T-Track with screws every 3 in

Favorite Podcast of the Week

This may be my favorite podcast episode I have listened to. And with over listening to over 39 days of podcasts, that is saying a lot. Seriously, listen to this; it will change your life. Jerzy’s book “The Happy Body” is the first book I am reading after the exam. Any questions?

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” – Jerzy Gregorek

"Upgrade your belief to match your vision" – Lewis Howes

Random of the Week

This is going to be short and sweet as I need to get my act together for the 8-hour professional engineering exam I am taking Friday. My sleep has been lacking for the past week, but that stops tonight; sorry guys - I’ll make up for it next week. Some things that I have found interesting this week:
  • h2o PS - hop sparkling water
  • CNC flat pack furniture
  • Boston Marathon - Officially a goal of mine. Sub 3-hour marathon is as well. From marathon #1 to #2, I cut off over 30 minutes, so another 15ish is nothing. Also, sub3 is only 5 minutes faster than the BQ time for my age group (3:05:43 - 7:05/mile), which I need to run ~1.75 minutes faster (3:03:32 - 7:00/mile) than to have a good chance of getting into the race. So 3.5 minutes over 26 miles means a 6:50/mile will be my goal marathon pace for a 2:59:10 marathon; probably should make it an even 6:45/mile for some wiggle room and a 2:57 marathon. #iwasonlyhalfcrazy
Have a great week everyone! Do something crazy!

Time to write post: 23 minutes


  1. Pass the PE, are you tired of always just eating taco's, doesn't sound like a diverse dinner plan .....

    1. Thanks Dad! I gave it my best shot.
      You can make so many varieties of tacos; I still am not bored. I am rotating between chicken, ground turkey, mostly but have made steak, salmon, and even bratwurst tacos!