Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #22

Goal Update
As predicted, LASIK knocked me out of commission for a few days; WORTH IT. Seriously, only regret I have is not doing it sooner. It is still surreal to that I can wake up and see 15/20 (better than 20/20) without the need of glasses or contacts. Again, once I get my life back into order, I will begin the marathon training to reach that sub 3 hour marathon goal.

Weekly update
Miles Run: 6.25 [448.49]
Tacos Ate: 17 [426]
Miles Biked: 12.41 [973.2]

Things I worked on

Does beginning to organize all the shit I have, packing, unpacking, doing one load of laundry and then repacking count? Literally though, I have been doing a lot of travel, not a lot of work on things. But hey, I have spent a ton of time with family and friends over the past week which in my mind is the most important thing anyways. Over the next two weeks I will be doing work on a lot of projects as it’s become a now or very-difficult-to-complete-in-foreseeable-future type of thing…

Favorite Podcasts of the Week

“Kyle does incredible work in supporting people to overcome their biggest limiting beliefs – while allowing them to laugh about it and have fun. I love this about his approach since so much of transformational self-development work is so serious and lacks humor.”
"Clay Collins of LeadPages returns to the Smart Passive Income Podcast for another incredible, value-packed (and potentially record-breaking) episode. This time, Clay is dropping serious knowledge on building a seven-figure business, step by step."

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

"The only thing that is constant is change" - Heraclitus

“Everything I'm scared of loosing will have to be taken away from me to make room for what I really am.” - Kyle Cease

Random of the Week

Remember how last week I said my parents were correct and hard work pays off? Well if getting a job offer at SpaceX and then accepting it was not exciting enough, I found out this on Thursday of last week.

Last check box I needed to complete in order to become a Licensed Professional Engineer! Well, at least in Michigan, I will have to transfer the license to my future home in California! And if that was not enough excitement, I then saw my best friends over the weekend, got LASIK surgery, and now have 15/20 vision. Next stop, Louisiana for my brother and future sister-in-law’s engagement party!

Time to write post: 32 minutes

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