Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #26

Goal Update
Well, I have been slacking still. But I have picked a marathon training plan, and without counting the race, I will be running 540 - 677 miles in these 16 weeks! If that isn’t enough, am really looking to bike commute to work (it's literally 75 and sunny every day in LA) which will add another 5-7 miles each way (~1200 miles). I am starting to think my goals were a little weak this year.

Weekly update
Miles Run: 10.14. [488.4]
Tacos Ate: 18 [501] -- HALFWAY!!!
Miles Biked: 7.5 [990.2]

Things I worked on

Still studying that rocket science and looking for a permanent place to live. That has been consuming most of my waking hours when I am not running or biking.
I did however drive 3 hours north this weekend to watch the Iridium-2 launch from Vandenberg, California. Luckily the fog held off and we could see and hear the rocket! Pretty freaking awesome!

View from Vandenberg Launch Viewing Site 

Iridium-2 Launch 
Bulgaria-1 Launch

Favorite Podcasts of the Week

“Bryan is an actor, comedian, and podcaster who grew up traveling the world. He holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is certain of comedy’s power to change the world, and is older than you probably think he is.”

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

“Embrace the chaos.” - Bryan Callen

Random of the Week

Well, the dream continues. Two launches, two successful landings, on two coasts within 48 hours! What a way to end week #1!
Friday - BulgariaSat-1 (second ever use of a flight proven rocket)
Sunday - Iridium-2 (10 more satellites)

Time to write post: 22 minutes

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