Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #3

Goal Update

Miles Swam: 0 [0]
Miles Run: 22.32 [54.84]
Tacos Ate: 22 [65]
Miles Biked: 46.42 [103]

Things I worked on

Well, I have a confession… I honestly don’t think I want life to slow down. At the end of last week, I applied to get a seat at the Professional Engineering Licensing Exam (8 hours) that will occur in April; i.e. good-bye any free time I didn’t have, hello 3 month college studying session. The PE won’t really do much for me in my current job, but it is a highly sought after certification which will open many many doors in my future, and my sister can’t be the only kid in my family with letters after our names (love ya Dr. J!)! Requirements vary by state but usually is take and pass fundamentals of engineering exam (8 hours), work under a PE for a few years, take and pass the PE exam (8 hours) - simple right? I’ll let you know in May.

Still haven’t received those 200mm belts I ordered… However, I did re-order them and that set arrive, and was installed with a little ingenuity (see my installation post - link over the weekend). Needless to say, my X-Carve is up and running again!!! (Well, until I tear it apart to install a new X and Y linear rail, new belts, and some extras).

Since getting the machine dialed in, I made some acrylic plaques for my Fantasy Football league trophies (pictures to come after paint dries), a new spindle camera mount and a magnetic probe connector. The line up of things to make remains the same as last week :(
  • New dust shoe (acrylic)
  • Acrylic shadow boxes to hold bottle caps / wine corks (oak and acrylic)
  • New X-carve electronics controller (material TBD)
  • Aluminum Adventures (Milbot Industries brand, aluminum supports for Y-axis, and minimalist wallets)
I did make a lot of headway with utilizing a Raspberry pi with LEDs and buttons for control at the workbench! I will be writing up that blog post shortly (hopefully over the weekend)!
Acrylic 'Medals' - Paint gold, carve mirror image, paint black

My Fantasy Football Trophy - "Life's unfair" due to most point for, most point against and 3rd place

Favorite Podcast of the Week

Very interesting interview on how terrible canola/vegetable oil is for you. Some interesting spoiler alert facts: Vegetable oil actually changes the structure of fat and is linked to that nasty cellulose we see; Dr. Shanahan also says it's more healthy to smoke a cigarette a day than eat fried food (due to the vegetable oils).

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

"Sometimes people fear starting a company too much. Really, what's the worst that could go wrong? You're not gonna starve to death. You're not gonna die of exposure - what's the worst that could go wrong?" - Elon Musk

Random of the Week

Time for a product review! At the end of last year, I purchased the Garmin 920XT GPS watch to help me better track my triathlon training and goals. After having this watch for just about two months, I don’t think I could go back to any other GPS watch. It is purely amazing! Garmin’s app syncs nicely showing all the things I want, including a 7 day, 4w, and 12 month review! The heart rate monitor is comfortable; I hardly notice it is there while running and biking, and the display is large and easy to read. What a great product! For those that are serious about triathlons or just want a great multi-sport watch, I couldn’t recommend the Garmin 920XT enough.

Yes, I am a gadget man… For another time… But the items on my list of next purchases include:

Time to write post: 34 minutes (proof-reading after a long day…)

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