Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekly Wednesday Update #7

Goal Update

Okay. This pool thing isn’t funny anymore. Now I am 33 miles behind schedule; I have received the Total Immersion Book and DVD (haven't consumed them yet) and my excuse now is that I cut my finger pretty good while working on some projects late on Tuesday… What an idiot - I even had gloves on, just wasn't focusing on the task at hand. Anyways, once this heals to the point it is safe to do so, I will cannon ball into the local overly chlorinated (probably a good thing) pool and start swimming back and forth in the pool the 2324 times I need to [in case you are wondering that is 33 miles in a 25 yard pool - of course I did the math].

Miles Swam: 0 [0]
Miles Run: 21.24 [147.81]
Tacos Ate: 21 [150]
Miles Biked: 69.96 [352.58]
Garmin Connect Graph

Things I worked on

This past week I did a much better job of FOCUSing. Instead of having the usual Friday off to attack my home projects, I went into work as they pay the bills; however, I still made a lot of progress on my electronics control box. Let me tell you, there is a shit-ton (technical term) of wiring I have had to do. Good news is the end is in site and I plan to get this all squared away over the weekend! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the progress at this time and honestly it looks like a mess.

I also have installed a top to my Z-Carve workbench enclosure and began wiring the LED strips. The long Y-axis rails have been assembled with the aluminum supports I made last week, so the surgery should occur relatively smoothly this weekend.

Z- Carve Enclosure Before Top was installed
One minor hiccup that set me back last weekend was a blessing in disguise. A fantastic customer (and shop owner) on Etsy requested a custom sign for her nephew, requiring me to cobble engineer a functioning Z-Axis mechanism to produce this sign. I am so excited to send this to her over the weekend. She has been giving me tips and helping me really get my Etsy shop up to the standards it should be at. Next week I will share a link to my updated shop; please share with your friends and family!
Custom Sign to show backgrounds, infills and some text options

Favorite Podcast of the Week

Wow. That’s about all I need to say about this one. Peter Is the founder of XPRIZE foundation and is a radical future thinker. Trust me, listen to this one closely.

Favorite Quote(s) of the Week

"Nothing will happen unless you take action and create it, and creating it is a process, not a single event."EoFire

Random of the Week

My mind has been rather scrambled even with my efforts to FOCUS. As soon as I was ready to tear apart my X-Carve and move it, I got a custom order on Etsy, something I have been patiently waiting for for several months. Now that I got that order, I feel the urge to fix up my Etsy shop and make it into something that I would honestly spend money at. While I have done research on copy-writing, advertising, networking, simple photography and other skills to have a successful Etsy business, I never took the time to put that research into practice. This first customer (who has been seriously wonderful - providing tips, feedback and the like) gave me that push to really kick off this side business I have talked about for years. Step one has happened. Now its time to that next level. Not at a later time that will inevitably be pushed down the road to a never occurring date, but now in February of 2017.

With some simple math, I can easily manage a side business with net income of over $1000 a month between the hours of 7pm and 10pm during the week. Seriously, it's not hard. Check out StepCraft’s free E-book - “Start Your Own Business – With a Stepcraft All-In-One Creation System” if you don’t believe me (note: I do not get anything from this and have no affiliation with StepCraft. I randomly happened upon their site through one of many sources and saw this book with the right price so I gave it a shot). I have only read 10 pages of it thus far (while biking today), but it really outlines the process and it is that simple. I plan to document my journey to prove to myself and you just how easy it is, and give everyone a place to learn from my mistakes. To finish off this rant, here is another quote that really hit me this past week:

"Not even average effort is going to get you to true success." - Timothy Sykes

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